Ashton, born 1987

Hi, my name is Ashton! I am 31 and have CPKU. Last year I had my beautiful baby boy, who is PKU free and is a perfectly healthy and happy little boy. I have always been told that having a healthy pregnancy and baby would be extremely difficult with PKU and I just want to let people with PKU know that although it was tough at times when u have your baby growing inside you, it makes it all worthwhile. While I have never been off diet, there was periods when I wasn’t the best at it. Cody had not been planned as such, so I had to cut right down to no phe whatsoever for the first week and a bit, and then gradually reintroduce phe back in week by week. So I worked with my clinic and dietician’s and did everything which was asked of me and it was worth everything. I am generally on 6 amounts of protein a day, by the time I had my son, I was up to 35!! Which was not as great as you would think 🙂

Once you have a good support group around you, which I have always had, you can do anything 😊 I couldn’t have done it without my family and my husband!! They were amazing.